The curse of the wildlife photographer

Often, while trying to move as stealthy as possible in order to shoot that one perfect picture of some rare wading bird, this bird vocalization informs me irritatingly that my efforts will be in vain for at least the coming hour. The bird responsible for this alarm sound is the Black winged Stilt (Himantopus himantopus). As a result of its call, all birds in the vicinity will take to the wing, except the caller him or herself. In papiamentu the […] Read more »

It’s all about the eye

In his or her quest for the perfect picture, a wildlife photographer will always search for the eyes of the moving wonders in front of the lens. Plants will ‘wow’ us with their reproductive attractions, which can be found in myriads of shapes, colors and smells. But when it comes to animals, the eyes are what draws us towards them. Some animals, like spiders, have more than two, which tends to awaken a sense of alarm in many people. Maybe […] Read more »

Mission: white tail – the quest for Odocoileus virginianus curassavicus

While I reposition my behind on the lemonade crate I’m sitting on, suddenly the goal of my mission appears in the viewfinder. My index finger, which has been floating above the trigger of my camera for over an hour, finally gets to do it’s job. The camera starts to generate a long series of digital images, with machinegun-like speed. Hopefully one or two of those will become the crown on an afternoon of wildlife photography! Curacao white tailed deer The […] Read more »