The deer of Malpais

Over the years, we’ve received several verbal confirmations. We even found tracks. But the deer of Malpais stayed hidden for us. That is, until today! Quite unsuspecting, we visited the dam once again for some video and photo work. And there he was. This young buck was still somewhat naïve. I could see he spotted us, but he kept enjoying his meal. He is probably not much older than about a year. He still has some white spots on his […] Read more »

The graceful white-tailed deer

At the end of a day of wildlife spotting back in 1997, I was treated by these graceful movements. Luckily my camera was not packed away yet, so this beautiful doe became part of my archive. Although somewhat grainy because of the analogue equipment we used at the time, this slow motion shot clearly shows the strength the animal possesses in its hind legs, and the raised white tail I talked about in ‘mission white-tail‘. Read more »

Mission: white tail – the quest for Odocoileus virginianus curassavicus

While I reposition my behind on the lemonade crate I’m sitting on, suddenly the goal of my mission appears in the viewfinder. My index finger, which has been floating above the trigger of my camera for over an hour, finally gets to do it’s job. The camera starts to generate a long series of digital images, with machinegun-like speed. Hopefully one or two of those will become the crown on an afternoon of wildlife photography! Curacao white tailed deer The […] Read more »

Sound of the deer

This sound is made by the deer species Odocoileus virginianus currasavicus, endemic to the Island of Curaçao. These sounds are produced as an indication of danger and will be acted upon by all deer in the vicinity. Especially the young are imprinted to react to this sound, together with the white flash caused by the raised tail of the mother. They will always follow this white guidance. Read more »