Gorgeous cryptic

I am finally able to comply with the request of several of our readers! Michelle spotted this little beauty while watering our vegetable garden. A frantic dash for the camera bag, and the image of the little one could be added to our collection. And here it is, the Striped spectacled tegu, or Kolebra di mispel (Gymnophthalmus lineatus). Thus little lizard has a very cryptic way of life, spending most of its time hidden in leaf litter. This is no […] Read more »

Reader input – unusual meal

Picture by: Jeroen Voolstra @ Curacao We often receive tremendous pictures from readers of our blog, fans of the Facebook page or people who are reading the articles about nature, published in local newspaper Antilliaans Dagblad. The pictures often depict an animal, plant, location or nature moment which is unique and tells an entire story. This is such a picture, made in the back of the garden of Jeroen Voolstra on Curacao. The bird you see is the Green Heron, […] Read more »