Rain brings life: spiny spiders

Curacao is not known for spiders. Potential visitors are shown her clear blue sea, white sandy beaches and the rugged Christoffel mountain. About spiders you’ll not hear much in marketing products, and perhaps rightly so. Fear of spiders Spiders are not really the favorite animals of most people. There is even an official name coined for people with a fear of spiders: arachnophobics. Arachnophobia is an international number 1 among all the other fears that there may exist. Even fear […] Read more »

Natural ‘engineering’

Most of what humanity has developed to make life easier is simply copied from nature. The invention of the wheel is considered a milestone in human development, but dung beetles worked out the exact same solution millions of years before humans did. And let’s not talk about the duck vs. the boat, or the gull versus the airplane. Today we have access to wonderful fabrics, which are as strong as steel but with a much lower weight. Kevlar, for example, […] Read more »