Invisible but indispensable

Air What constitutes air, anyway? We often hear things like: it smells good here, it stinks, dry air insulates well, or: we should keep an eye on the air pressure of our tires. But these remarks only deal with some of the properties of air. Air, on earth, is composed of 78 % nitrogen and 21 % oxygen. The remaining 1% of air is made up of a combination of noble gases, water vapor and carbon dioxide, which constantly vary […] Read more »

Dushi Korsou?

One of the projects we are working on is the production of a 6 part video documentary series about the values of, and surprises to be encountered within, the natural environment on Curacao. This means taking out my camera backpack on an almost daily basis and immersing myself in the ‘wild side’ of Curacao. This should have been a pacifying and mind-cleaning process. However, a series of observations over the last few weeks deeply disturbed me and ‘inspired’ me to […] Read more »

Our failures in design

I recently came across an interesting quote: ‘pollution is a symbol of design failure’. This wisdom comes from the book ‘Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way we Make Things’, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. These few words describe very accurately what’s really wrong with our current way of living. In nature everything is recycled. Even excrements of animals are input for other intricate parts of the Cycle of Life. Only the human species, which biologically is simply one of […] Read more »

Carbon Footprint

In my mind, this video recording symbolizes the footprint left behind on Curacao by the people from the 20th century. The refinery on Curacao was an essential link in the war industry during especially the second world war, at that time mainly orchestrated by the Americans. There was a huge demand for  aircraft fuel, the lighter fractions from the imported unrefined oil. The heavy, tar and asphalt-like substances were dumped in a large outdoor depot, now known as the asphalt […] Read more »