Know your fauna: Birds – Yellow Orioles (Icterus nigrogularis curasoensis)

The bird sits in the tree, like a ripe yellow mango, its bright yellow feathers in shrill contrast to the grayish background of the dry forest. Besides the brightly coloured feathers, it is also the sound the bird produces which is striking, it’s like a sharp coughing bark. In Papiamentu, de local language on Curaçao and Bonaire the bird is called Trupial Kachó (the Dog Trupial), based on the barking sounds it makes. In Papiamento, the local language on the […] Read more »

Adaptations to modern times?

The local Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis curasoensis) is on my mental list of really special species. Not only because it is endemic to the ABC Islands, but also because of the ingenious way it constructs its nests. Can you imagine having to weave a basket with only your feet and mouth? These beautiful birds can do that, and they do it in a superb way. These birds are easily spotted, not only because of their bright yellow plumage, but also […] Read more »

Little yellow scoundrel + 3!

Last week I wrote a bit about the Bananaquit. It is as if our resident birds were aware of that, because they offered me the opportunity to complete the story, visually. Just check out the video fragment below. Just some loose wires sticking out from the ceiling of a small hallway we never use were selected to attach the cradle for the next generation to. After frantic building activity by the male (and critical evaluation by the female) the eggs […] Read more »