2011 International Year of Forests – Sick? Swallow a tree!

The struggle to become a tree Suppose you’re a tree. After having passed through the intestinal tract of some animal and then being deposited in the middle of nowhere, covered with a thick layer of dung, you gently extend your first fragile roots after a good rainshower. With great difficulty your roots penetrate the thin layer of humus to finally locate adequate soil in which they can anchor themselves firmly. In a desperate attempt to make your own food you […] Read more »

Curacao: A ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’ – genetic diversity

The variety of life on Earth can be described in different ways. You can make an inventory of the diversity of individual species as found on an island like Curaçao, but also the genetic diversity between species and even within a single species is important information to take into account. Especially genetic diversity is an important tool in studies aiming to identify specific substances for use in medicines, for example to deploy in the fight against cancer. A good example […] Read more »