Once again another invasive species… the Giant African snail…

We are not even recovered yet from the fact that the Agave weevil was found on Curacao as well, let alone that something has been done about it, but are confronted by yet another addition to the list of invasive species. The following text has been written by Mr. Gerard van Buurt, and it speaks for itself. In recent years, Curacao is plagued by an increase in harmful invasive species. Most of those accidentally ended up on the Island by […] Read more »

The next ‘evil weevil’

Another invasive species has been observed, one that might pose a potential threat to the ecology of Curacao. We received the following text from Mr Gerard van Buurt, who pleaded for years for a serious and consistent approach to the issues surrounding invasive species, without, however, any pro-active response of the authorities. Government: wake up and take action. These issues are also part of your responsibilities! “Yesterday I received notice of Mr. Manuel Boot, of the gardening company Vitis, that […] Read more »

Warty invader

We’ve received several calls over the last couple of months informing us of some sort of ‘monster frog’ that invaded people’s gardens and porches. Some of the informants were even stunned and frightened by what they encountered. We knew what to tell them, because the species is on the Island since 2006 and a sample is already in our freezer for quite some time already. By means of some untraceable, but clearly unsanitized shipment of merchandise, the Cuban Tree frog […] Read more »