The higher terrace – home to the Hato Caves

On entering the Hato Caves, you also visit the ‘insides’ of a fossil coral reef. This we already mentioned before. But there is much more to the story. Let’s investigate these fossilized remains a little more in detail. The modern reef system Apart from looking at fossils of reef organisms, it is always a good thing to take a look at the modern day coral reefs around the Island as well, as a reference. Today the Island is basically surrounded […] Read more »

Messages written in stone – at the Hato Caves

No one can deny the fact that modern man is creating, and freely discarding, an awful lot of objects. Can you imagine what future archaeologists have to go through in order to make sense of the society we call modern? Imagine having to sift through a landfill, cataloging all those artefacts in order to deduce an impression of how the 21st century society, who was responsible for the creation of these artefacts, used to function. This is actually exactly the […] Read more »

Caves, like the Hato caves: bat condominiums

For most people caves and bats are virtually synonymous. And with good reason. A significant number of bat species prefer caves to live in. Those humid, dark rooms are perfect hiding places for the dangers of daytime. What’s more, caves even out temperature fluctuations, and in colder climates provide the perfect place for hibernation. At least 8 species of bat have turned Curaçao into their home. Some even went as far as to adapt themselves in such way, that they […] Read more »

Hato caves – activity program

In the first article about the Hato Caves, we already mentioned the fact that this impressive attraction also offers a lot of other activities you can participate in. In the following article, the Hato Caves team presents a short overview of everything the caves have to offer. Guided tour through the caves: A visit to the Hato Caves park starts with the acquisition of an entrance pass after which you can enjoy a tour presented by one of our professional […] Read more »

In the field with a geologist – nature’s underground treasures

After last month’s introduction it is time to enter the dark world of wonder in the Hato caves. Mind blowing as it may be, the moment you enter the cave you are inside a fossil coral reef! We are not completely sure of the age of these rocks, but it is at least 900.000 years. Although the cave now lies some 60 meters above sea level, around 400.000 years ago the sea lapped at that same spot. Two factors interacted […] Read more »

Wondrous subterranean world

Caves are mysterious places. Dark caverns, nature’s museums of artistic limestone sculptures, have always triggered adventurous feelings in humans. Equipped with flashlights and helmets, speleologists study these geological masterpieces in order to determine exactly why all those tunnels and chambers, as well as the monumental drip-stone formations look the way they do. Specialized groups of biologists also crawl around in these dark and sometimes extremely hot and humid places, or freezing cold in other locales, but for a very different […] Read more »