A rocky warning

As a geologist, I’ve been trained to be some sort of detective, investigating the doings of the earth through time. Rocks are wonderful subjects to study, because they don’t run away or argue with you, and provide you patiently with a wealth of information, as long as you know where and how to look. Advances in methodologies allow us even more insights in modern and past processes. I might be biased, but geology is a wonderful science! Today, through a […] Read more »

The animals of the top

The view from the top of the Christoffel mountain on Curacao is well known. That the visitor is actually standing on an old seabed might be a lot less obvious. This highest point of the Island gives rise to a feeling of humility. Around 70 million years ago (which for us is an age impossible to imagine!) a layer of tiny skeletons of sea creatures was deposited on the bottom of a more than a kilometer deep sea. Population explosion […] Read more »