Existing and potential pests

The independent scientific research bureau Imares, located in Wageningen in the Netherlands, already warned in March of this year of the possible arrival of the Agave Weevil. This warning comes from a report from the Institute which was published in that month and was drafted by scientists Gerard van Buurt and Adolphe Debrot. The Agave Weevil was first discovered locally about two weeks ago at Coral Estate by a local gardening company, but a day later the widespread dispersion of […] Read more »

2011 International Year of Forests – More invasive threats to our forests

It’s weird how little control there is on the import of plants, garden soil, building materials and other products in which pests can hide. Whether we talk about seeds from plants that do not belong here, like the Bellisima and Palu di Lechi described in the previous article, or other organisms, the damage to nature can amount to such levels that no matter how many times we pronounce the words ‘nos naturalesa’, at one point there simply will be nothing […] Read more »

2011 International Year of Forests – Invasive threats to our forests

Danger from the outside, for our natural environment! No nature-related topic has appeared in the media more often than this during the past two years. Well, it actually did not really deal with nature in itself but rather with the fact that the invasive species from abroad started feasting on plants, which were also imported from abroad, hence did not belong to local nature. Another invasive species started devouring the fish we wanted to get out of the water ourselves […] Read more »