Know your fauna: Birds

The ABC island have a rich diversity of flora and fauna and the number of people wanting to get to know this diversity is growing everyday. What was considered boring and unimportant in the past is now slowly but surely considered as the natural heritage of our countries which should be cherished and respected. To put a spotlight on the biodiversity of the islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, Caribbean Footprint Magazine will start focusing on the individual species of the […] Read more »

Ecosplash – Kòrsou salbahe: episode 1

And here it is: the first episode of our 6-part nature documentary series. The series depicts the natural diversity of Curaçao. We produced the series in Papiamentu, aimed at the local community and schools on the Island. Later in the year, we plan to release Dutch and English versions. Enjoy! (note: our site performs beautifully in Mozilla Firefox. In case you experience problems with other  (commercial) browsers, give Firefox a try!)   Read more »

Once again another invasive species… the Giant African snail…

We are not even recovered yet from the fact that the Agave weevil was found on Curacao as well, let alone that something has been done about it, but are confronted by yet another addition to the list of invasive species. The following text has been written by Mr. Gerard van Buurt, and it speaks for itself. In recent years, Curacao is plagued by an increase in harmful invasive species. Most of those accidentally ended up on the Island by […] Read more »

Me and my bats: Dr. Sophie Petit (1)

Bat-Cactus interaction – 20 years bat research in Curacao! Dr. Sophie Petit, the expert on the ecology of Curaçao’s bats, visited our island in August, for the first time again in five years. To examine the state of affairs regarding bats, cacti and the protection of both. Curacao is very close to Petit’s heart, and the bats on the island are her passion in life. It was Dr. Petit, now working at the University of South Australia, who figured out […] Read more »

Dushi Korsou?

One of the projects we are working on is the production of a 6 part video documentary series about the values of, and surprises to be encountered within, the natural environment on Curacao. This means taking out my camera backpack on an almost daily basis and immersing myself in the ‘wild side’ of Curacao. This should have been a pacifying and mind-cleaning process. However, a series of observations over the last few weeks deeply disturbed me and ‘inspired’ me to […] Read more »