And finally: the sounds of the scoundrel!

In order to complete what quite unplanned became a mini-series on the Bananaquit, I need to post a little hint of their vocalizations. They produce a very complex song, which to my ears does not sound that melodic. But if you listen carefully to a Bananaquit in the wild, you’ll start to notice different, but distinct patterns. It is their way of transmitting, often lifesaving, messages. The ones that weaved their nest into the bare electricity wires in our unused […] Read more »

Little yellow scoundrel

This easily recognizable bird is probably the most common bird on our Island. It has discovered a lot of tricks to make its life easier. One of those has to do with nest construction. It is much easier to attach your nest to some conveniently located lamp on the porch of a human being. Safer. And with building materials readily available, in the form of that cleaning mop clumsily left outside by that stupid human being. Easily dislodged and beautifully […] Read more »