Rain brings life: the unpredictable cycles

Although we assume that each year, in the period from October to January, a rainy season will present itself on Curacao, in the past there were years during which this ‘rule’ proved not to be true at all. It’s quite interesting to study the behavior of rain on our island, and its effects, and that is what we’ll examine in this article. Cyclicity or not? To gain insight into the erratic nature of rainfall activity on the island you can […] Read more »

2011 International Year of Forests: forests and climate

The lungs of the earth Forests worldwide do more than just provide a habitat (a place to live) for plants and animals. The large numbers of trees and other plants in forests supply the oxygen that humans and other animals so desperately need to survive. The name “lungs of the earth” is often used. During this process of oxygen production the tree will take up large amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in its leaves, which through a chemical process, called […] Read more »