The seasonal sound of tymbals

It is that time of year again. While I am writing this, the amazing sound of the cicada swells to a deafening crescendo, stops abruptly, only to be repeated a while later. They are a little early, this year. Last year I posted a picture of a recently molted individual on September 29th (click here for the post). This year, I have been treated to their concerts for over 3 weeks already. The sound, which is powerful but quite difficult […] Read more »

The singing cicada

The loud chirping sounds that can be heard during this period are made by a member of the family Cicadidae, relatively large insects which are among the loudest of all insects in the world, sometimes producing sound levels of up to 120 dB! One should not listen to these artists at close range, because our ears are not up to such levels. In practice the insects are difficult to locate in the wild, because the sound seems to come from […] Read more »