Me and my bats: Dr. Sophie Petit (1)

Bat-Cactus interaction – 20 years bat research in Curacao! Dr. Sophie Petit, the expert on the ecology of Curaçao’s bats, visited our island in August, for the first time again in five years. To examine the state of affairs regarding bats, cacti and the protection of both. Curacao is very close to Petit’s heart, and the bats on the island are her passion in life. It was Dr. Petit, now working at the University of South Australia, who figured out […] Read more »

The essential link

The actors in this first post of 2012 are members of the order Chiroptera, better known as bats. These animals fully deserve to be put in the spotlights, in my opinion, and not in the least because without them the entire ecology of Curaçao would collapse. The natural systems of Islands like ours, especially the semi-arid ones, rest on the foundation provided by a family of plants, scientifically known as Cactacea. No one needs a grade in biology to translate […] Read more »

2011 International Year of Forests – More invasive threats to our forests

It’s weird how little control there is on the import of plants, garden soil, building materials and other products in which pests can hide. Whether we talk about seeds from plants that do not belong here, like the Bellisima and Palu di Lechi described in the previous article, or other organisms, the damage to nature can amount to such levels that no matter how many times we pronounce the words ‘nos naturalesa’, at one point there simply will be nothing […] Read more »

2011 International Year of Forests – Cacti, special trees

‘Cacti’, that’s the answer you’ll most likely get when you ask any tourist or even a visiting ‘Yu di Korsou’ what characterizes our ‘mondi’. The answer is a little shortsighted, but you can not blame them. The most picturesque plant on the island is indeed the cactus, and especially the columnar ones. Kadushi’s, Datu and Kadushi di Pushi’s are the three species of native cacti you will encounter at various places on the island. For those who do not know […] Read more »