Know your fauna: Birds

The ABC island have a rich diversity of flora and fauna and the number of people wanting to get to know this diversity is growing everyday. What was considered boring and unimportant in the past is now slowly but surely considered as the natural heritage of our countries which should be cherished and respected. To put a spotlight on the biodiversity of the islands, Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, Caribbean Footprint Magazine will start focusing on the individual species of the […] Read more »

Winged holidaymakers

Going on vacation in a foreign country. Some people do this at least three times a year and others have never been off the island in their entire life. Fans of traveling pack their suitcases, and with their passport in hand they board a plane to leave for unknown and exciting destinations. Without the invention of the aircraft it would have been a lot harder for residents of a 444 square kilometer island to pay a visit to our neighbors […] Read more »