Me and my bats: Dr. Sophie Petit (2)

Bat-Cactus interaction – 20 years of bat research in Curacao! This article is the second part of the interview we had with Dr. Sophie Petit (click here for the first) and describes further discoveries surrounding the relationship between bats and cacti on Curaçao, the work she is doing in Australia, her work during her stay in Curacao last August, and what the future brings. Without cacti no bats, without bats no cacti The flowers of cacti consist of a large […] Read more »

Me and my bats: Dr. Sophie Petit (1)

Bat-Cactus interaction – 20 years bat research in Curacao! Dr. Sophie Petit, the expert on the ecology of Curaçao’s bats, visited our island in August, for the first time again in five years. To examine the state of affairs regarding bats, cacti and the protection of both. Curacao is very close to Petit’s heart, and the bats on the island are her passion in life. It was Dr. Petit, now working at the University of South Australia, who figured out […] Read more »

Caves, like the Hato caves: bat condominiums

For most people caves and bats are virtually synonymous. And with good reason. A significant number of bat species prefer caves to live in. Those humid, dark rooms are perfect hiding places for the dangers of daytime. What’s more, caves even out temperature fluctuations, and in colder climates provide the perfect place for hibernation. At least 8 species of bat have turned Curaçao into their home. Some even went as far as to adapt themselves in such way, that they […] Read more »