The Good, the Bad(ass) and the Intern

As in human society, the animal kingdom knows a large number of different characters and personalities. The shy wallflower, the brave hero, the creative artist, the pragmatic handyman, the chaotic rebel, the organized entrepreneur, the list goes on endlessly. As anyone with an above average interest in nature has done at one point in his or her life, I sometimes wonder which animal I would be. After a long contemplation and analysis of my own personality, considering the romantic idea […] Read more »

Travel Magazines

Travel magazines are my favorite kind of magazines. Pictures of landscapes from far away places and stories of adventures lived by inspiring travelers, I love it. See, I am a dreamer. Not when I’m asleep I mean, but when I am awake. A daydreamer so to say, although I often daydream when the sun has long gone down. I dream of traveling unknown places, of meeting interesting people on the road, of landscapes as far as the eye can see […] Read more »