Kibrahacha – A yellow world of fairies

Heavy rains in the middle of April. Not even a week later, all the Kibrahacha trees in the area where the rain fell, start their magic. A yellow extravaganza of flowers, an oasis in the dry and gray forest (mondi). A pot of liquid gold for all nectar feeders such as hummingbirds, bananaquits, trupials, bees, wasps and more. And a visual expression of color we can only gape at. And it only lasts a couple of days. However, after gaping […] Read more »


May 14th was an exciting day for me. After all, how many interns get a chance to meet with the governor of Curaçao? That’s right, not many, if any at all. Well last week I did get that chance, and I got a great story out of it too, although not the one you might think. Let’s back up to the beginning of the story. Last week, the DVD’s of Ecosplash; Korsòu Salbahe finally arrived at the Curaçao Footprint Foundation. […] Read more »


Living in the Netherlands, and here on Curaçao too, I often come to realize that often a lot of nature, we as humans can experience, is far away. Granted, lots of it is also close by (on Curaçao a bit more than in the Netherlands), but most of it is further from me than I’d wish it to be. Think about it, the rain forest is rather far away. Snowy mountains? Far away. Deserts: also far away. It is one […] Read more »

Best wishes!

And once again a year has flown by. Many thanks for all the inspiring words we received during 2013. We sincerely hope our efforts inspired you all as well. I think a moment of reflection is in order at years end. The natural world we live on, and totally depend on, is being destroyed at an alarming rate. We are in the middle of another mass extinction event. This one is not caused by natural means, like an asteroid impact […] Read more »

Gorgeous cryptic

I am finally able to comply with the request of several of our readers! Michelle spotted this little beauty while watering our vegetable garden. A frantic dash for the camera bag, and the image of the little one could be added to our collection. And here it is, the Striped spectacled tegu, or Kolebra di mispel (Gymnophthalmus lineatus). Thus little lizard has a very cryptic way of life, spending most of its time hidden in leaf litter. This is no […] Read more »

Orange beauty

Curaçao is turning dry once again, the rainy season is behind us and the Island’s nature seems to be in autumn style. Leaves turn yellow and red, and fall from the trees in record time. The ‘mondi’ is gray and drab and appears to die as a result of the lack of rain. The drought, dried out vegetation, harsh ‘kuaresma’ (Lent) winds and associated Sahara sand (all the way from Africa!) in the air result in a depressing atmosphere. Any […] Read more »

Wonderful diversity

Only a few drops of rain, and this is what gets attracted to the lights on the porch. Amazing diversity! Even the individuals of the same species look different. Once again a case of reproduction in overdrive, while the very limited resources last. The beauty of Island ecology in a semi-arid environment. Read more »

Unidentified orange and black stinkbug

While on the subject of bugs, we would like to ask for assistance. The beautiful bugs in these pictures are inhabiting our garden for some time already, but we have been unable to identify them to the species level, even after consulting our local network of specialists and a search in the bug-databases on the internet. We don’t know if they should be considered local, or if it’s another exotic addition that has the potential of wreaking havoc to the […] Read more »