Global Big Day: Help count birds on Curacao May 13 2017

2nd time Curaçao participates in Global Big Day Bird telling kust Bird telling tuin In 2016, it was the first time Curaçao participated on a larger scale in the so called Global Big Day, an international event in which thousands of people all over the world went into nature to spot birds and count them. In nature areas, parks and gardens data was acquired after which these were handed over to coordinating organization or uploaded directly on the special birdwatching […] Read more »


Would you like to participate in our research? The question is:  who opens unripe cactus fruits? Background: Dr. Sophie Petit has been studying cacti and bats on Curaçao for 24 years.  Part of her research in collaboration with Leon Pors and Anna Rojer shows that very few fruits get the opportunity to ripen.  Most are eaten unripe when the seeds are not viable – animals eating unripe fruits are thus cactus predators!  WHO OPENS THESE UNRIPE FRUITS? Help us find […] Read more »