Kibrahacha – A yellow world of fairies

Heavy rains in the middle of April. Not even a week later, all the Kibrahacha trees in the area where the rain fell, start their magic. A yellow extravaganza of flowers, an oasis in the dry and gray forest (mondi). A pot of liquid gold for all nectar feeders such as hummingbirds, bananaquits, trupials, bees, wasps and more. And a visual expression of color we can only gape at. And it only lasts a couple of days. However, after gaping […] Read more »

Rain brings life: the unpredictable cycles

Although we assume that each year, in the period from October to January, a rainy season will present itself on Curacao, in the past there were years during which this ‘rule’ proved not to be true at all. It’s quite interesting to study the behavior of rain on our island, and its effects, and that is what we’ll examine in this article. Cyclicity or not? To gain insight into the erratic nature of rainfall activity on the island you can […] Read more »

Rain brings life: fruits and flowers in abundance

Food in the rainy season, the animals in nature feast on its abundance. Those of you who like to feed the birds in your garden will observe a reduction in the number of guests visiting the feeding site during the rainy season. Most likely, only the seed eaters, like the dark brown Mofi (Black-faced Grassquit – Tiaris bicolor), the exotic Saffron Finch (Sicalis flaveola) or the local Rufous-collared Sparrow (Zonotrichia capensis) will stop by to refuel on a daily basis, […] Read more »

Rain brings life: rain and maternal worries

We have given ample attention to the miserable situation the inhabitants of Curaçao found themselves in ever so often in historical times, due to the lack of fresh water, and the ingenious solutions necessary to survive. When the circumstances got too extreme, humans, at least the white part of the population, had the choice to leave the Island, to leave on a ship and return to the motherland. Such a choice the slaves did not have, however. Nor the animals […] Read more »

Rain brings life: rain and people on Curaçao

Water for living The previous article described the importance of dams to the survival of plantations on Curaçao. Crops could be irrigated, even in the dry season, because the dams slowed the runoff of rainwater in order to force this water to penetrate into the ground, thus maintaining groundwater levels. To get to this water, wells were dug by hand, and the edges were reinforced with limestone. It must have been a hellish chore for the slaves to dig a […] Read more »

Rain brings life: rain and people on Curacao

Rain, a scarce resource Fresh water has always been scarce on Curacao. Not only are there few fresh water wells, the amount of rainfall is generally not something to write home about. The recent wet years notwithstanding, Curacao experienced terribly dry years in recorded history. Many who live on the island longer than six years can probably still remember the dry times, during which everything looked so gray that you could only think the worst: this will never resolve itself, […] Read more »

Rain brings life: Landscape and rain

For this story we must go back in time. Twenty five thousand years, that is. Our little island looked very different then than now. It is a pity that there are no pictures available from that time that could give us a glimpse of the appearance of Curaçao. Scientific data, however, give a good indication that the earth was then in a so-called glacial period. This was a period during the ice age we are still in to a certain […] Read more »

Rain brings life: demonic threads

The rainy season in Curacao is a wonderful time, especially for those not familiar with the semi-arid character of the island. Lots of tourists return to their country of origin with the idea that there is nothing going on in nature on that dry and barren Curacao. When they share experiences with others who have seen orchids and waterfalls, they are truely baffled. Even nature lovers, those who are frequent visitors to the natural places, in general encounter something new […] Read more »

Rain brings life: Striped stingers

I’ve been stung, in between my forefinger and middle finger, and I have done nothing to deserve that. At the time of the event my first reaction was a good flick in the direction of what dared to stab me in my own house. Only after having treated the painful area with a cloth soaked in vinegar for five minutes, after which the pain decreased significantly, I went looking for the culprit. I already had an idea of what it […] Read more »

Rain brings life: spiny spiders

Curacao is not known for spiders. Potential visitors are shown her clear blue sea, white sandy beaches and the rugged Christoffel mountain. About spiders you’ll not hear much in marketing products, and perhaps rightly so. Fear of spiders Spiders are not really the favorite animals of most people. There is even an official name coined for people with a fear of spiders: arachnophobics. Arachnophobia is an international number 1 among all the other fears that there may exist. Even fear […] Read more »