Nature Diary 2: Transience

When something is written, illustrated and published about nature, the emphasis is almost always on pretty pictures and great stories behind each animal or plant that is the subject of the story. Rarely or never the topic is about the last chapter in the lives of these iconic organisms: death. That in itself is of course fairly obvious, people prefer to show nature in all its splendor and do not like to dwell on how fleeting it really is, nor […] Read more »

Nature Diary 1: Nature experience

Panic We just returned from a trip to the Netherlands where we have spent the holidays with family. We had a great time. It wasn’t even really cold, because during our stay the daytime temperature remained comfortably above 5 degrees Celsius. Before our departure we were warned about the predicted severe winter weather in December, but that did not happen. During our stay we were reminded, however, of the important role of nature in the ‘small country’ bounded by the […] Read more »