Kibrahacha – A yellow world of fairies

Heavy rains in the middle of April. Not even a week later, all the Kibrahacha trees in the area where the rain fell, start their magic. A yellow extravaganza of flowers, an oasis in the dry and gray forest (mondi). A pot of liquid gold for all nectar feeders such as hummingbirds, bananaquits, trupials, bees, wasps and more. And a visual expression of color we can only gape at. And it only lasts a couple of days. However, after gaping […] Read more »

Breeding season of seabirds starts!

Royal terns, Laughing gulls, stilts, Killdeer Plovers. All of these species are preparing for the start of the breeding season with partner rituals, mating, hatching eggs and helping the chicks on the fragile path to adulthood. Fragile and less successful every year, unfortunately, because the locations these animals need to successfully reproduce are disturbed on an ever larger scale by people, who are often unaware of the damage they cause. Damage in the form of broken eggs and defenceless chicks […] Read more »

Devil in disguise

Three years ago, when on a six months cycling trip from Europe to China, a good friend and me rode into the small town of Murghab, located in the Pamir mountains in Tajikistan. Travelers in the Pamirs mountains need a permit which is checked multiple times along the way. As a tourist in the area it is often pointed out that you might need to bribe one or two officials to get past those checkpoints. There are plenty of stories […] Read more »

Re-Discover Your Mondi-Side – 7 Day Challenge

Nature –enthusiasts watch it; this one is for you! I am an experienced train traveler. As a student without a driver’s license I rely on the train to take me every place that is too far for me to cycle in a reasonable time frame. I have been spending plenty of time in trains and at train stations for quite a few years now, and in the last five years the scenery has changed. I see the same here on […] Read more »

The Good, the Bad(ass) and the Intern

As in human society, the animal kingdom knows a large number of different characters and personalities. The shy wallflower, the brave hero, the creative artist, the pragmatic handyman, the chaotic rebel, the organized entrepreneur, the list goes on endlessly. As anyone with an above average interest in nature has done at one point in his or her life, I sometimes wonder which animal I would be. After a long contemplation and analysis of my own personality, considering the romantic idea […] Read more »

Travel Magazines

Travel magazines are my favorite kind of magazines. Pictures of landscapes from far away places and stories of adventures lived by inspiring travelers, I love it. See, I am a dreamer. Not when I’m asleep I mean, but when I am awake. A daydreamer so to say, although I often daydream when the sun has long gone down. I dream of traveling unknown places, of meeting interesting people on the road, of landscapes as far as the eye can see […] Read more »

Reforestation on Klein Bonaire

A Kadushi (Cereus repandus) seedling has been lovingly surrounded by pieces of limestone rock, in an attempt to create some shade, and circumstances for moisture collection in the burning sun and scorching heat of Klein Bonaire. The small plant has been transplanted from another spot on the mainland, where this species grows in abundance, to the new location on Klein Bonaire where it will be one of the founders of a new population of cacti. The small plant is part […] Read more »

The theater

As a Dutch intern on Curaçao, it can be hard to keep up to date with what is going on at home with friends and family. If it hadn’t had been for a spontaneous Skype session with my youngest sister (I am a brother to four sisters) last week, I probably would have had no idea that she is going to be on stage this weekend, performing in a play for friends and family. Animal theater It’s not just humans […] Read more »

Look, listen, smell, feel, admire, enjoy and take photos

I wiggled my toes in the sand and marveled at the colorful spectacle on the horizon. A beautiful Curaçao sunset at the beach. There are few things in life as enchanting as a sunset. Especially here on the island, where every night around seven p.m. you can see the sun lower into the ocean like an orange beach ball, as to symbolize the closing time of the beach. If you can make the time to watch a sunset at the […] Read more »


My birthday was last week. With now twenty-four times the cycle of more or less 365 days on the clock, I am really almost halfway through my twenties. Of course, even far away from home, here on the island, a celebration was in order. Animals do things a little different. Their birthdays go by quietly, no more and no less important than any other day. As a lion you don’t have to count on a fresh, young zebra as a […] Read more »