The graceful white-tailed deer

At the end of a day of wildlife spotting back in 1997, I was treated by these graceful movements. Luckily my camera was not packed away yet, so this beautiful doe became part of my archive. Although somewhat grainy because of the analogue equipment we used at the time, this slow motion shot clearly shows the strength the animal possesses in its hind legs, and the raised white tail I talked about in ‘mission white-tail‘. Read more »


Anyone who likes reading about nature has probably encountered the word endemism. Endemic simply means that a plant or animal species occurs only in a particular area and nowhere else in the world. All over the world endemic species do occur. Interestingly enough, on islands, and especially older oceanic islands, often a higher percentage of endemic species and subspecies are found compared to the mainland. Isolation leads to unique endemic species. Good examples are the giant turtles and the weird […] Read more »

Spawning spectacle

Every year in September and October, about 5 to 7 days after the full moon, during the evening hours the Caribbean sea fills up with billions of reproductive cells produced by the reef building corals that make our reefs so special. This spectacular process is one of the wonders of the natural world. Only recently, scientists have been able to unravel a fraction of the mystery behind ‘the ways of the corals’. During such a spawning event, fertilization of the […] Read more »

Submarine donkey dung

This video shows one of the weirder animals in our waters. Its appearance has led to its common name ‘donkey dung sea cucumber’, and scientists refer to it as Holothuria mexicana. On Curacao it is known as the Lol’i awa, which translates into something that is not printable! These slow moving animals are an important link in the food chains of inner bays. They slowly but surely filter the sandy bottom, extracting organic particles from the sand as they go […] Read more »