The barking impact

A good friend alerted us to something that generally triggers mixed feelings when discussed. Dogs. Although way too many people treat dogs as some sort of low-cost enslaved security solution, there are those that incorporated ‘men’s best friend’ within their inner circle. Which is heartwarming, to be sure. In general, these caring souls also like to make use of the natural environment for their own, and their dog’s, enjoyment. And this is where the conflict starts, unfortunately. As long as […] Read more »

A rocky warning

As a geologist, I’ve been trained to be some sort of detective, investigating the doings of the earth through time. Rocks are wonderful subjects to study, because they don’t run away or argue with you, and provide you patiently with a wealth of information, as long as you know where and how to look. Advances in methodologies allow us even more insights in modern and past processes. I might be biased, but geology is a wonderful science! Today, through a […] Read more »

Oil addiction

Tomorrow we fly to the Netherlands, in order to celebrate Christmas with my parents. Unfortunately this will add significantly to our carbon footprint, something that I’m not too happy about. My intention is to compensate this next year, at least partially, by using a bike to transport myself over the more manageable distances. This resolution is not without risk to my well-being, however, because I’m not sure I will not be squashed by one of the more than 80.000 registered […] Read more »

Our failures in design

I recently came across an interesting quote: ‘pollution is a symbol of design failure’. This wisdom comes from the book ‘Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way we Make Things’, by William McDonough and Michael Braungart. These few words describe very accurately what’s really wrong with our current way of living. In nature everything is recycled. Even excrements of animals are input for other intricate parts of the Cycle of Life. Only the human species, which biologically is simply one of […] Read more »

Carbon Footprint

In my mind, this video recording symbolizes the footprint left behind on Curacao by the people from the 20th century. The refinery on Curacao was an essential link in the war industry during especially the second world war, at that time mainly orchestrated by the Americans. There was a huge demand for  aircraft fuel, the lighter fractions from the imported unrefined oil. The heavy, tar and asphalt-like substances were dumped in a large outdoor depot, now known as the asphalt […] Read more »

Submarine latrine

These shots I recorded several years ago, and always remind me that humanity still treats the marine environment like **** (insert a 4-letter synonym for human excrement). The toilet bowl represents the hardware we invented to flush away all the things we don’t want to take responsibility for. However,  everything we throw into the sea, be it the result of yesterdays dinner, or the plastic cup we drank beer from and carelessly discarded, comes back one way or another. Coral […] Read more »