Stewardship vs. Conservation

It happens that someone uses one specific word in a speech which inspires you to write about, and elaborate on that topic. This time it is the word stewardship. In a world where there exists a deafening cry for nature conservation it is important to reflect on what certain terminology actually implies. The word conservation is defined in the dictionary as efforts to preserve something in its original state. Stewardship, however, is about implementing responsible management of what is entrusted […] Read more »

The black irony of it all

On August 11th I acted as a nature guide during the monthly excursions we organize together with Grupo Bina. This time we took the participants on an end-of-the-day tour along the coast of the salt pans of Jan Kok, a beautiful area with lots of wildlife. During the trip, I happened to mention the current gas and oil exploration hype our government created (including the press statement of one of the ministers that we all should invest in Arabic headgear), […] Read more »

Governments and sustainability

The concept of ‘sustainable development’ has appeared on lots of agendas lately, not in the least during the Rio+20 conference in June that has left lots of people with quite uncomfortable feelings. It seems to be very difficult, if not impossible, for humans to rearrange their way of life in order to transform this concept into reality. Governments play a vital role in the process, but in practice often prove to be a significant stumbling block. On Curacao this is […] Read more »

Dushi Korsou?

One of the projects we are working on is the production of a 6 part video documentary series about the values of, and surprises to be encountered within, the natural environment on Curacao. This means taking out my camera backpack on an almost daily basis and immersing myself in the ‘wild side’ of Curacao. This should have been a pacifying and mind-cleaning process. However, a series of observations over the last few weeks deeply disturbed me and ‘inspired’ me to […] Read more »

Existing and potential pests

The independent scientific research bureau Imares, located in Wageningen in the Netherlands, already warned in March of this year of the possible arrival of the Agave Weevil. This warning comes from a report from the Institute which was published in that month and was drafted by scientists Gerard van Buurt and Adolphe Debrot. The Agave Weevil was first discovered locally about two weeks ago at Coral Estate by a local gardening company, but a day later the widespread dispersion of […] Read more »

The next ‘evil weevil’ update

The following mail from Gerard van Buurt to Manuel Boot speaks for itself. The next impact on our fragile Island ecology… Dear Manuel, I just received the message that the animal (the Agave Weevil – red) already reached Fontein. It already has spread out over a large part of Curaçao. It is too late, nothing can be done about it anymore. Thanks for your input, at least we tried to do something about it. Read more »

The next ‘evil weevil’

Another invasive species has been observed, one that might pose a potential threat to the ecology of Curacao. We received the following text from Mr Gerard van Buurt, who pleaded for years for a serious and consistent approach to the issues surrounding invasive species, without, however, any pro-active response of the authorities. Government: wake up and take action. These issues are also part of your responsibilities! “Yesterday I received notice of Mr. Manuel Boot, of the gardening company Vitis, that […] Read more »

The book from the book sale

Every last Saturday of the month there is a book sale where one can buy books for next to nothing. Since I’m pretty addicted to books I am a fairly regular customer. Last time I came across a book called “Geef om de natuur” (care about nature), which attracted my eye like a magnet because of our innate love of nature. It turned out to be a book from the World Wildlife Fund, and I would like to share parts […] Read more »

Warty invader

We’ve received several calls over the last couple of months informing us of some sort of ‘monster frog’ that invaded people’s gardens and porches. Some of the informants were even stunned and frightened by what they encountered. We knew what to tell them, because the species is on the Island since 2006 and a sample is already in our freezer for quite some time already. By means of some untraceable, but clearly unsanitized shipment of merchandise, the Cuban Tree frog […] Read more »