Unsustainable fear

I would have loved to enter the year 2015 with a sense of hope, but I couldn’t. Simply because I live on the Caribbean Island of Curacao, on which the bulk of the population is imprisoned by fear. We’ve all seen the facebook profile pictures depicting ‘je suis Charlie’ or something similar, but if the owners of these friend pages would have been honest with themselves they would not have posted these images. Because they are not Charlie at all. […] Read more »

The shiny nest robber

About two weeks ago, while clattering away on a keyboard in our office, an unfamiliar twittering sound got my attention. A quick peek at the trees in front of the office window revealed the culprit, and then some! We have written about the Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis curasoensis) before (see this post, and this post), being the possible victim of the invasive Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis), but the sight in the tree proved this hypothesis to be totally true, unfortunately. […] Read more »

Reforestation on Klein Bonaire

A Kadushi (Cereus repandus) seedling has been lovingly surrounded by pieces of limestone rock, in an attempt to create some shade, and circumstances for moisture collection in the burning sun and scorching heat of Klein Bonaire. The small plant has been transplanted from another spot on the mainland, where this species grows in abundance, to the new location on Klein Bonaire where it will be one of the founders of a new population of cacti. The small plant is part […] Read more »

Sustainable architecture in presentation organized by Amigu di Tera

Good planning and completely thinking trough all aspects of the construction of a new building within the context of sustainability, energy efficiency and applicability is the essence of sustainable architecture, as shown by the reading that was given last Tuesday in the presentation hall of the National Library on Curaçao. Speaker: expert in the field of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings, architect Luis Huertas, originally from Puerto Rico and who has been living in Aruba for some time. This lecture was […] Read more »

Junior Rangers of Bonaire

Preparing for a sustainable future 15 young people, in the age of 13 to 21 years, get together on their free Saturday morning to participate in the bi-weekly session of the Junior Rangers Program of Stinapa Bonaire. Today’s program consists of diving and snorkeling just off the coast of Kralendijk, to observe marine wildlife and record the types of species which were observed, the numbers of individuals of each species and any special behavior or other characteristics observed. It is […] Read more »

Invisible but indispensable – 2

Humans Although a fish is completely comfortable in the water that surrounds it, it would soon kick the bucket when this water would be poisoned. The same things will happen to a human who would keep on living  his or her daily life in a sea of toxic gases. Unfortunately, this mixture is completely invisible, so we tend to think of it as irrelevant. “We do not see it, so nothing wrong .” Nothing is further from the truth. As […] Read more »

Invisible but indispensable

Air What constitutes air, anyway? We often hear things like: it smells good here, it stinks, dry air insulates well, or: we should keep an eye on the air pressure of our tires. But these remarks only deal with some of the properties of air. Air, on earth, is composed of 78 % nitrogen and 21 % oxygen. The remaining 1% of air is made up of a combination of noble gases, water vapor and carbon dioxide, which constantly vary […] Read more »

Another black day for mangroves

Once again the fragile and threatened mangrove ecosystem of Curacao has been dealt a blow. Amigu di Tera (Friends of the Earth Curacao) has circulated this picture of developments currently underway at Puerto Oasis at Spanish Water. Mangroves had to go in favor of a pier, and what’s even worse, no permit has been issued for this development, nor requested by the developer. About 15 years ago I performed calculations of the remaining surface area of mangroves compared to about […] Read more »

Once again another invasive species… the Giant African snail…

We are not even recovered yet from the fact that the Agave weevil was found on Curacao as well, let alone that something has been done about it, but are confronted by yet another addition to the list of invasive species. The following text has been written by Mr. Gerard van Buurt, and it speaks for itself. In recent years, Curacao is plagued by an increase in harmful invasive species. Most of those accidentally ended up on the Island by […] Read more »

Local and fabulous

The Holiday season is one of the most commercialized season’s of the year with shops screaming louder and louder for the consumer’s attention to trigger them into buying new stuff yet again, even though your ‘old stuff’ hasn’t even been properly introduced to your world yet. Almost everyone at one point or another succumbs to commercial screams by buying something they don’t really need. The call for change, for responsible and sustainable alternatives for the celebrations gets more widespread, however, […] Read more »