The diving intern

In March 2009, more than five years ago, I was introduced to scuba diving on the island of Bali, Indonesia. On a spot called ‘Tulamben’, I went on a shipwreck dive with a local dive school. Being eighteen and saving up for further travels, I didn’t have the money for a complete diving course to earn a certificate, so I stuck to a single introductory dive. Although I only stayed under for fifty minutes, on a reef which, (as I […] Read more »

Ecosplash II: The Blue Connection – Update

Time for an update on Ecosplash II: The Blue Connection!. We are moving forward with the production; multiple dives have been made to shoot the first footage for the second part of Ecosplash. So far, the team has been shooting at Caracas Bay, Snake Bay and the Cas Abou area. The shooting has been successful up until now, although one dive at Caracas Bay was canceled last minute due to bad visibility; a good reminder that nature doesn’t allow for […] Read more »

Close encounter of the weird kind

With a big splash we all dove head first into the sea. Mission for the day: exploring the underwater area in which a small tugboat went down several decades ago. This spot along the south-eastern coastline of Caracasbay, Curaçao, is one of the more popular snorkel and dive sites on the Island. Perfect for an exploratory expedition with the kids from Accretio, the rebound facility I am working with on a structural basis. Suddenly, a wide-eyed and exited kid approached […] Read more »

Ecosplash II: The Blue Connection

Ecosplash is back! The Curaçao Footprint Foundation is working on the production of Ecosplash II: The Blue Connection (working title), the follow-up to Ecosplash: Kòrsou Salbahe. This series focuses on the colorful world that lies beneath the surface of the ocean. During the production process we will keep you up to date on the progress by regularly videos and photos. Make sure you don’t miss anything and keep visiting us, here and on Facebook:     Read more »