Ecosplash – Kòrsou salbahe: episode 1

And here it is: the first episode of our 6-part nature documentary series. The series depicts the natural diversity of Curaçao. We produced the series in Papiamentu, aimed at the local community and schools on the Island. Later in the year, we plan to release Dutch and English versions. Enjoy! (note: our site performs beautifully in Mozilla Firefox. In case you experience problems with other  (commercial) browsers, give Firefox a try!)   Read more »

Another black day for mangroves

Once again the fragile and threatened mangrove ecosystem of Curacao has been dealt a blow. Amigu di Tera (Friends of the Earth Curacao) has circulated this picture of developments currently underway at Puerto Oasis at Spanish Water. Mangroves had to go in favor of a pier, and what’s even worse, no permit has been issued for this development, nor requested by the developer. About 15 years ago I performed calculations of the remaining surface area of mangroves compared to about […] Read more »

Once again another invasive species… the Giant African snail…

We are not even recovered yet from the fact that the Agave weevil was found on Curacao as well, let alone that something has been done about it, but are confronted by yet another addition to the list of invasive species. The following text has been written by Mr. Gerard van Buurt, and it speaks for itself. In recent years, Curacao is plagued by an increase in harmful invasive species. Most of those accidentally ended up on the Island by […] Read more »

Wonderful diversity

Only a few drops of rain, and this is what gets attracted to the lights on the porch. Amazing diversity! Even the individuals of the same species look different. Once again a case of reproduction in overdrive, while the very limited resources last. The beauty of Island ecology in a semi-arid environment. Read more »

The higher terrace – home to the Hato Caves

On entering the Hato Caves, you also visit the ‘insides’ of a fossil coral reef. This we already mentioned before. But there is much more to the story. Let’s investigate these fossilized remains a little more in detail. The modern reef system Apart from looking at fossils of reef organisms, it is always a good thing to take a look at the modern day coral reefs around the Island as well, as a reference. Today the Island is basically surrounded […] Read more »

Glimpses of the past

In general I write about living natural elements, but a treasure trove of information on ancient life lies hidden within Curaçao’s rock record as well, for us to discover and unravel. As a geologist, I am always fascinated by fossils, those – sometimes only subtle – imprints left behind within sedimentary rocks, the result of preservation of remains of ancient organisms. The process of fossilization is actually one of rare chance. The chances of plant or animal remains ending up […] Read more »