Unsustainable fear

I would have loved to enter the year 2015 with a sense of hope, but I couldn’t. Simply because I live on the Caribbean Island of Curacao, on which the bulk of the population is imprisoned by fear. We’ve all seen the facebook profile pictures depicting ‘je suis Charlie’ or something similar, but if the owners of these friend pages would have been honest with themselves they would not have posted these images. Because they are not Charlie at all. […] Read more »

The shiny nest robber

About two weeks ago, while clattering away on a keyboard in our office, an unfamiliar twittering sound got my attention. A quick peek at the trees in front of the office window revealed the culprit, and then some! We have written about the Yellow Oriole (Icterus nigrogularis curasoensis) before (see this post, and this post), being the possible victim of the invasive Shiny Cowbird (Molothrus bonariensis), but the sight in the tree proved this hypothesis to be totally true, unfortunately. […] Read more »

Close encounter of the weird kind

With a big splash we all dove head first into the sea. Mission for the day: exploring the underwater area in which a small tugboat went down several decades ago. This spot along the south-eastern coastline of Caracasbay, Curaçao, is one of the more popular snorkel and dive sites on the Island. Perfect for an exploratory expedition with the kids from Accretio, the rebound facility I am working with on a structural basis. Suddenly, a wide-eyed and exited kid approached […] Read more »

Best wishes!

And once again a year has flown by. Many thanks for all the inspiring words we received during 2013. We sincerely hope our efforts inspired you all as well. I think a moment of reflection is in order at years end. The natural world we live on, and totally depend on, is being destroyed at an alarming rate. We are in the middle of another mass extinction event. This one is not caused by natural means, like an asteroid impact […] Read more »

Gorgeous cryptic

I am finally able to comply with the request of several of our readers! Michelle spotted this little beauty while watering our vegetable garden. A frantic dash for the camera bag, and the image of the little one could be added to our collection. And here it is, the Striped spectacled tegu, or Kolebra di mispel (Gymnophthalmus lineatus). Thus little lizard has a very cryptic way of life, spending most of its time hidden in leaf litter. This is no […] Read more »


Would you like to participate in our research? The question is:  who opens unripe cactus fruits? Background: Dr. Sophie Petit has been studying cacti and bats on Curaçao for 24 years.  Part of her research in collaboration with Leon Pors and Anna Rojer shows that very few fruits get the opportunity to ripen.  Most are eaten unripe when the seeds are not viable – animals eating unripe fruits are thus cactus predators!  WHO OPENS THESE UNRIPE FRUITS? Help us find […] Read more »

Ecosplash – Kòrsou salbahe: episode 6

The urge of humanity to ‘develop’ itself has put some serious strains on the natural environment. We can and should find ways to minimize the negative impacts, in order to allow what’s still out there to flourish once again. A view of the black side of our presence on Curacao, but with a hopeful ending!   Read more »