Nik Voorend

Footprint fotoNik Voorend is a student of International Communication Management and an intern at the Curacao Footprint Foundation. He is a writing- and travel enthusiast with a soft spot for nature.
Almost 24 years ago he was born over four weeks early and his curiosity to explore the world is still here today. He has had the pleasure of already seeing many countries, cultures and different kinds of nature. In 2009, he spent five weeks in Indonesia, followed by four months in Nepal, where he worked as a volunteer and hiked in the Himalayas. In 2011, together with a great friend, he undertook a cycling trip leading through ten different countries. From Hungary they cycled 6300 kilometers east to Kyrgyzstan, just west of China. During the trip they always camped in nature, in places ranging from green mountains to beaches and from snowy mountain plateaus to deserts. Now he is here, ready to explore this part of the world, and all the beauty in nature it has to offer.
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