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2016 – A year in birds on Curaçao
Download: Vogelboek CFF 2016 lr

In January 2015 a team of bird enthusiasts started the Bird Watching Curaçao Facebook page under guidance of the Curaçao Footprint Foundation. All administrators of the page followed the extensive Birds of Curaçao (ornithology) course of the foundation. They wanted to stay active to keep up with the bird information of the region and the island, and to train field identification skills.

The main focus of the page is education of the general public on the bird diversity of Curaçao and bird (breeding) behavior and stimulation of bird watching in general. Now, after two years of activity the page has evolved and now also includes bird watching tips, scheduled bird watching trips, and, more importantly, is a platform where the general public has the chance to upload their pictures of birds and/or questions about birds. As more and more people interact with the page editors and send in their observations, the page now also registers all new bird species and special sightings on the island.

Bird watching has never been more exiting as it becomes clear that more and more people are joining in to spend time in nature and observing the bird world. As we are planning even more bird related activities in 2017, it is the right time to publish a colorful
booklet including a great number of pictures made by the pages contributors as well as followers with short information on sightings and behavior which was spotted in 2016. And of course we include all the species that were observed for the first time on the island.

2016 – A year in birds is a publication by the Curaçao Footprint Foundation, powered by the extensive bird watching efforts of the volunteer editors of Bird Watching Curaçao on Facebook. We would like to thank all contributors and birdwatchers on the island for helping out!

Please let us now if you want the publication in high resolution by sending us an email at info@curacaofootprint.org.

We hope you enjoy this work.
Curaçao Footprint Foundation

DOWNLOAD HERE: Vogelboek CFF 2016 lr