Unsustainable fear

I would have loved to enter the year 2015 with a sense of hope, but I couldn’t. Simply because I live on the Caribbean Island of Curacao, on which the bulk of the population is imprisoned by fear.
We’ve all seen the facebook profile pictures depicting ‘je suis Charlie’ or something similar, but if the owners of these friend pages would have been honest with themselves they would not have posted these images. Because they are not Charlie at all. They keep their mouths shut about issues that matter to us all. Because of fear. Fear of repercussions, angry bosses, losing their jobs.

We always chatter about the values of democracy. But in reality we are living in a totalitarian regime, run by money, a minority of overly rich people and corrupt politicians. It is getting worse by the day. We allow these people to do what they do, in the name of democracy, because of fear. They know we are afraid, and feed our fear. Simply to be able to increase their financial gains.

If we don’t do something about it, I warrant a collapse of our society. And that would not be sustainable, don’t you agree?

Quite often we receive whispered messages from public servants about some blatant violation of the law, like the issuing of illegal building permits by the system itself, or deliberate inaction of some government official or other to deal with potentially disastrous issues (do I need to mention chicungunya, or raw sewage in our coastal waters?). Unfortunately, not much can be done with such info, because it can often not be proven. Because the responsible parties don’t want it to be proven, logically. They turned themselves into specialists in the design of the most murky, incomprehensible ‘legal’ structures you can imagine. So if the public servants and others who are ‘in the know’ do not speak up and produce relevant proof, the white board criminals are allowed a free passage to their goals, at the expense of our community.

Fear. Unsustainable fear.

Nature going down the drain;
Environmental problems skyrocketing;
Education is lacking, badly;
Youngsters without a future;
Murder. Mayhem;
The structural sabotage of educated people, just because they might threaten the safe and cozy lifestyle of the happy few.

And always the fear.

We should all turn into fearless citizens, Charlies if you will. Only that might lead us towards a true sustainable society, with happiness and hope. Some might lose their job, maybe, but if the majority of concerned citizens joins the crusade against the abuse, those brave souls will get their rewards eventually. If we do not become fearless … I fear the worst.

Leon Pors

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