Know your fauna: Birds – Northern Waterthrush (Parkesia noveboracensis) MIGRANT

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Northern Waterthrush on Curaçao. Photo: Leon Pors

Northern Waterthrush on Curaçao. Photo: Leon Pors

Few people will notice this common water guest, unless they are observing well. The 14-centimeter long bird is has a dark brown color on the upper parts and a cream-colored to yellowish belly showing dark stripes or dots. In addition, the animal has a yelow-white stripe on the head which crosses the eye. The most striking feature of the animal is the way it moves around: upright and with a whipping tail. This is usually the behavior which attracts attention if birders or nature explorers see the animal land on the ground out of the corner of their eye. The animals are usually found in the area of fresh water sources, puddles and around plantations where fresh water is sprayed regularly.
The birds eat insects such as flies which are hiding on the muddy banks of puddles or walk-in wells and they are also active searchers of insects among dead leaves lying on the ground.
These animals fly all the way from North America and a small amount will remain on the ABC islands in the winter. Particularly in a wet/rainy year the animals can be observed on a regular basis.

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