Caption Contest – What people think animals are thinking

Sometimes a nature picture can be interpreted in a very funny way. On the Facebook page of Caribbean Footprint we started out introducing these pictures and asking for captions to illustrate what is happening. The results are perfect for a humorous part of the week.

Two flamingos hanging out.

Two flamingos hanging out.

Captions by our readers:

– “But dear … please listen to me … I only took a tiny peek at that girl …. nothing happened … believe me … please talk to me ….”

– “A nervous moment for the male flamingo, as he puts his wing around the female on their first date…” (this caption works best when read in David Attenborough’s voice)

– “Come on lets baila the chacha con migo baby.”

– “Hey psssst dushi….wanna dance……?!”

– “How many times have I told you Venezuela is THAT way!”

– “Can I hug you? nobody is watching us.”

– “Come to papa dahlin’.”

– “I know she left you but there are plenty more shrimp in the ocean.”

– “Wanna smell my armpit? The Axe-effect.”