Graceful Flycatcher

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Tyrannus savana – beautiful visitor!

Photo: André van den Dool

The Fork-tailed flycatcher or Pímpiri rab’i souchi (Tyrannus savana) is regularly seen on Curaçao during the periods that these animals are visiting the Island from North or South America. These birds, with their distinctive forked tail, often perch on street lights or power cables from which the animals can see whether adequate prey is nearby. If prey is spotted, usually an insect, they’ll take off with high speed, catch the prey in mid air, and return to their high vantage point to eat. The forked tail is especially visible in flight as its feathers flutter gracefully in the wind.
The animals are often observed in groups together with Grey Kingbirds (Tyrannus dominicensis), but usually are victorious when it comes to hunting success.
On Curaçao, this species is regularly seen in the area of the zoo.