The deer of Malpais

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Todays ‘Nature-moment’!

Over the years, we’ve received several verbal confirmations. We even found tracks. But the deer of Malpais stayed hidden for us. That is, until today!
Quite unsuspecting, we visited the dam once again for some video and photo work. And there he was. This young buck was still somewhat naïve. I could see he spotted us, but he kept enjoying his meal. He is probably not much older than about a year. He still has some white spots on his back, and his antlers are developing for the first time.
Only after about half an hour, he decided to move on. Very cool, because this species is always high on my shot-list (video-shots, mind you!),
Again, clear confirmation that this area is special. Government officials and politicians, are you listening? Shouldn’t this area be declared a national park?

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