Hato caves – activity program

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The stairway leading to Curacao's underground wonders

In the first article about the Hato Caves, we already mentioned the fact that this impressive attraction also offers a lot of other activities you can participate in. In the following article, the Hato Caves team presents a short overview of everything the caves have to offer.

Guided tour through the caves:

A visit to the Hato Caves park starts with the acquisition of an entrance pass after which you can enjoy a tour presented by one of our professional guides. Inside the cave you will be informed about the history of formation of this natural monument, as well as the different functions the cave used to have for the local inhabitants over the course of centuries.
The duration of the guided tour is about one hour.

Indian trail:

You can also follow the Indian Trail, which is an informative hike you can do yourself without a guide. You will follow a path with a somewhat rough surface which will lead you through a section of real Curacaoan forest, the so called “mondi”. At the bar you can get a leaflet which will introduce you to the flora, fauna including corals which built the cave framework, and the Indian drawing and the so called petroglyphs (rock carvings).
This hike will take you about 30 minutes.

Cactus garden:

Over the next few months our cactus garden will get a face lift. When completed, it will show the cacti of the Island in all their glory. Through a creatively designed information system, you will get to know the characteristics, ecological functions and flowering periods of these majestic plants.

Bar and terrace:

In our bar and on our terrace we offer you the following services:

  • cold and warm drinks, ice cream and light snacks;
  • a choice of locally made souvenirs;
  • entertainment by the ‘Kai orgel” (a Curacaoan street organ);
  • information about the park and, if requested, other nice local attractions.

Catering options on the terraces in the park:

For adults:
The two large, paved terraces can be rented for parties, events, meetings or receptions, whether small and cozy or for large groups.
Some themes, as illustration:

  • BBQ evening with Caribbean limbo and South American Salsa show;
  • Dance parties in the style of the sixties, accompanied by the music of the ‘Kai orgel’;
  • Swinging dance party with music from the sixties onward to modern;
  • Criollo (local food) buffet accompanied by a folklore dance show;
  • Jubilee receptions with a diversity of buffets from different countries.

Mysterious flowstones

For kids:
For stuff to do for kids, and especially birthday parties, the options are extensive. Combined with a visit to the caves, we can design parties around themes, like:

  • Indians;
  • pirates looking for hidden treasure;
  • search for the caveman hidden in the park;
  • a adventurous quest.

Special activities in 2012:

Visit our website, or call during office hours and ask for our specials and packages for vacation-activities for the kids.

For more info, please contact:
Monica Vrolijk
Website: www.hatocaves.com
Tel: 8680379 or
Cell: 5111268 (on weekdays in between 09.00 and 19.00 hours).

If you would like to organize something completely on your own: also possible! The facilities at Hato Caves can be rented. You can even bring in your own catering, if you prefer to do so!

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