Oil addiction

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Part of my personal carbon footprint, unfortunately ...

Tomorrow we fly to the Netherlands, in order to celebrate Christmas with my parents. Unfortunately this will add significantly to our carbon footprint, something that I’m not too happy about. My intention is to compensate this next year, at least partially, by using a bike to transport myself over the more manageable distances. This resolution is not without risk to my well-being, however, because I’m not sure I will not be squashed by one of the more than 80.000 registered vehicles on the Island. This number is absolutely staggering, because the population size is only about 145.000 or so.

We are addicted to oil, no question about it. But we are also surrounded by the impacts caused by this addiction. The climate is in turmoil because of this addiction. And although Curacao is promoted as some sort of tropical paradise, just because of the presence of a terrifyingly polluting refinery, my international carbon footprint, as a member of the population of the Island, is one of the highest in the world! This past week some 3000 students were sent home because of another technical problem with the already infamous catcracker. While trying to concentrate on their exams lots of them got sick. A total disgrace ….

By the way, our absence does not mean we will be off-line for the next three weeks. On the contrary, my external disk with photographs will come along for the ride (flight), and is always an inspiration for posts. Make sure to come back to the site regularly!

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  1. Dio says:

    From what I uestrdnand the whole concept of “carbon footprints” is completely wrong and is based on wrong interpretations of the carbon / global warming correlation.Tests were carried out on the polar ice caps and it was noticed that every time the earth temperature soared, so did the level of carbon in the atmosphere. However, the level of carbon in the atmosphere only rose AFTER the temperature rose. The temperatures have been rising because of changes in the sun activity. Carbon then rises as a result of the oceans overheating. High level scientists all over the world have categorically stated that the whole carbon issue is completely misguided because the results of the polar ice cap study have been misunderstood. Conspiracy theorists are stating that the whole carbon agenda is to prevent less industrial countries from developing. In any event, many companies are using this carbon appeal to look “greener”.