Surprising encounters of the salty kind

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White orchid in a salty spot!

These days we thankfully have more time to spend in nature. During our exploits we often encounter species in unexpected places, in environments way outside their official comfort zone. This was especially the case with the plants showcased within these photographs. While exploring a mangrove patch at Santa Cruz, the white orchid (Lady of the nightBrassavola nodosa) instantly captured our eye. In general you’d expect the species in the humid higher hilly areas in the Christoffelpark, not in a tree stump overlooking a saline lagoon. Upon close examination of the tree in question we discovered other patches of this orchid species. The bromelia (Tillandsia flexuosa) was even a greater surprise. Not many plants will survive immersion in salt water, except the ones specifically adapted to it, like mangroves. This bromelia seemed to do just fine, and was even flowering! Amazingly weird. Nature never ceases to surprise.

Salty wet feet, and still going strong!












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