Submarine latrine

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These shots I recorded several years ago, and always remind me that humanity still treats the marine environment like **** (insert a 4-letter synonym for human excrement). The toilet bowl represents the hardware we invented to flush away all the things we don’t want to take responsibility for. However,  everything we throw into the sea, be it the result of yesterdays dinner, or the plastic cup we drank beer from and carelessly discarded, comes back one way or another.
Coral reefs and human excrement don’t mix. The reefs will be gone within our lifetime if we don’t change our ways. And have you ever heard of the plastic soup? Just take a look at

Scary, right?

We will leave our footprint, there’s no way around it. But the one in the video fragment is clearly the wrong one. Let’s start caring. The earth requires it, as does the future of humanity.

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