White-tailed Hawk communication

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Hunting White-tailed Hawk. When humans are spotted, the same vocalization as in the recording will be produced.

You can clearly distinguish two White-tailed Hawk (Geranoaetus albicaudatus) voices here. It is a recording of a pair communicating with each other. These birds are one of the few top-predator species on Curacao, and require relatively large unspoilt areas in order to survive. Because of this the Island is home to only about 50 pairs or so. The male and female will bond for life, and will construct several semi-permanent nests in high spots. One of these nests will be chosen as the breeding nest for a specific year. The birds might lay 2-3 eggs, but in general only one hatchling will survive. The weaker young will be consumed by its sibling, especially during dryer years. The surviving young will stay in the territory of the parents for quite some time, but eventually the parents will drive it away.  These birds hunt while soaring high above the surface. When prey is identified (lizzards, birds, cottontails) they will close their wings and drop like a rock, only to open their wings to brake a fraction of a second before reaching the unsuspecting prey animal. Then the powerful talons with the razor sharp nails will act and, in general, instantly kill the prey.

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