‘The real function of a motorcycle’

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Southern Caracara on the lookout for favorable partners...

Reproduction is essential for the conservation of biodiversity. On the one hand in order to maintain the species, but accidental “mistakes” in the genetic code of the offspring can also lead to better adaptations to the local environment. In order for this process to be effective the choice of the best partner is crucial. Usually, the male members of a species try to prove to the ladies that they are the strongest, and therefore the carriers of the most desirable genetic code. The male of the Curacao White Tailed Deer gets his chance in the estrus period, during which there will be substantial fighting with challengers, for the favors of the hinds. Male birds often display complex courtship dances, just observe the Totolika (Columbina passerina) in the garden. Sometimes these dances are in the form of graceful acrobatic flights. In some species mating will then take place while still in flight! The Warawara (Caracara plancus) is a master of that. Man has expanded his rut and mating repertoire with ingenious devices. The cosmetics industry and manufacturers of motorcycles are the main beneficiaries of this behavior.

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