The animals of the top

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Layered rocks - ancient seabed at an angle

The view from the top of the Christoffel mountain on Curacao is well known. That the visitor is actually standing on an old seabed might be a lot less obvious. This highest point of the Island gives rise to a feeling of humility. Around 70 million years ago (which for us is an age impossible to imagine!) a layer of tiny skeletons of sea creatures was deposited on the bottom of a more than a kilometer deep sea. Population explosion after explosion of these radiolarians resulted in a distinctly layered rock formation that, because of an eventfull history of deformation, was broken up, folded and pushed up. The enormous forces partially desolved the tiny skeletons and the resulting silica-rich material recristallized into chert – the building block of the entire Christoffel mountain. Once again biological diversity, combined with geological processes, resulted in a masterpiece! Immense timelines and crustal movements. We have to admit: we are only minute members of this scheme!

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