Exotic killing spree

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Lionfish - Caribbean headache

Insular nature is comparable to an airplane: all parts together form the optimal system. The addition of functionless parts is a bad idea, as in the airplane analogue for example a loose screwdriver in the engine. The complex system is at risk of collapse (of crashing….). Also in nature. Too often humans brought plant or animal species to Islands that had no business there whatsoever. On St. Maarten, for example, a pretty aggresive little predator was brought in, in order to eradicate the (imported) rats – the mongoose. At present, the mongoose is already responsible for total eradication of the endemic iguana species, the Iguana delicatissima, on St. Maarten. The eggs of this iguana proved to be way better tasting (and easier to get to) than the rats. One unique species less, a decrease of biodiversity caused by humans. Another lucid example is the already infamous Lionfish. This species is an often seen uninvited guest to the Caribbean reefs. It is an exotic species from the Pacific, and the question remains what level of havoc it will cause over time. Maybe this species will prove to be the screwdriver in the reef-engine. Nature manages it’s biodiversity beautifully. We, members of the species Homo sapiens (the thinking human) should not mess around with that. We are not very sapiens anyway….

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