Chemical warfare

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Aloe vera - chemical warfare to the max!

In 2010 it was 200 years ago that baby-Darwin opened his eyes to the world. The observations that these eyes recorded later on led to a groundbreaking idea: the theory of evolution. The “struggle for survival” that forms the basis for this theory is expressed in many ways. Animals fight for a place in the ecology, they fight for their territory. The losers are leaving or will simply die out. This is the way natures manages itself. A plant faces an even more difficult quest. Running away or showing your teeth is not part of their bag of tricks. Plants, however, are the winners of the chemical arms race. If you don’t want to be eaten, than you should develop a foul tasting chemical. If you even succeed in making that chemical toxic, than you’re completely protected. A lot of these natural protective toxins we know only too well: we eat them in the form of spices, or we make drugs out of them to fight our enemies: bacteria and other scum. Handy, this chemical weapons factory around us. Without these weapons, our lives would have been a lot harder. And all this high-tech chemical engineering we get totally for free!

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